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MaxVox Features

Sign Up

It's easy to sign up, and that *one* user id is the only one you will ever need.

Create + Manage your own Channels

It's easy to create and manage your own channels - anyone can set up group communications anytime.

Manage Teams and Guilds

It's easy to manage teams and guilds - it has all the access and moderator controls gamers need

Get Your Friends on Board

It's easy to get your friends on board - invite them via e-mail or right in game.


It's easy to communicate - MaxVox has super high quality audio

About MaxVox

Built by gamers, for gamers, MaxVox provides voice services for players of all skill levels.

MaxVox, the creators of MaxVox, have been providing awesome communication services for over 5 years.

MaxVox partners with brands in various industries, from gaming to social applications and communities, to connect and engage users through voice – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

MaxVox has worked with over 20 gaming companies and has integrated voice chat into more than 30 games including, EVE, Everquest I & II, DC Universe Online, and World of Tanks.

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